Kitchen Appliances

Ice makers are great to have!


Having a new dishwasher delievered?  Call us today to have it professionally installed!  Alot of box stores will not install this appliance if it is hard wired or shut off valve is bad leading to it.

Gas Range

We are certified in gas piping.  When you need to have a new gas valve installed for installation, we got you covered!

Ice Maker Line

Ice makers are a great feature to add to any kitchen!  From the filtration it provides to the nice cold water it serves, we get it.  We are here for you if you are having a new Refrigerator installed and the delivery company refuses to swap due to the valve missing or no line present.  Call us today for a quote!

RO Systems

So your deciding on making the leap of cleaner, crisper, filtered water for you and your family's health, but don't know who to call.  We install those too!  

InstaHot System


You’d be surprised how useful near-boiling water can be. Whether you’re cooking, cleaning or preparing hot beverages, you can have this luxury for a minimal cost!

The perfect complement to your main kitchen faucet, an instant hot water dispenser sits on the edge of your kitchen sink ready to dispense filtered near-boiling water exactly when you need it. Call us today to find out more!