About Us

Faucet Replacement

Whether you are looking to replace a faucet with one you picked out at a store, or would prefer one of our recommended replacements, your thoughts will be our main priority. We only use top quality replacements that come with an excellent warranty!

The cost of repairing

Do you have a faucet that drips? Handle snapped off? Leaking around the base? But you absolutely love the faucet and replacements are not available anymore? Contact us! We will always do our best to fix this beloved faucet and only recommend replacement as a last resort. We specialize in Moen, Delta, Koehler and American Standard faucet repairs!

Replacement vs. Repair

While there are many companies out there who will always try to upsell you on a faucet replacement over repair, we are not them. The only time we will ever recommend replacement; when the faucet can not be repaired or if we feel it would not benefit you as a customer to repair it due to age and wear and tear. Our motto here at Home Advantage Plumbing Services, “If this we’re family, what would I do?”.