Garbage Disposals


If you go to turn on your Garbage Disposal and nothing happens, it could be one of three things and a disposal repair may be necessary:

  • Reset button popped
  • Disposal is Jammed
  • Motor is burnt out

If you are not noticed any sound at all coming from the disposal when turned on, turn the switch off and try resetting the button.  There is a little switch on the underside of the disposal that when tripped, it pops out causing the power to shut off at the disposal to prevent the motor from seizing and blowing out. If upon resetting the button and the disposal is still not turning on, try unjamming it with the tool that came with the disposal. (If you do not have the special tool, Home Depot or any supply house will stock it)  On the underside of the disposal, right in the center of it is a small hole.  Insert your key in the center of it and turn it a few times until it is unjammed.  Try again with turning the switch on. if nothing happens, call or book us online so we can come out and assess the plumbing issue!


So you tried the above steps, but nothing is working.  We get it, Plumbing can be tricky! We are just a phone call away!  With Garbage Disposals, there are a few different styles and types to choose from.  As far as size goes, we recommend at least a 1/2 hp Badger 5.  If you tend to use it a lot, upgrading to a 3/4 hp is definitely the way to go.  Now, for all the chefs who use it all day, there is also a 1 hp model.  These tend to be a little on the pricey side but will definitely last a very long time.  With the three different models listed above, we also have 1/3 hp disposals if on a budget! We also offer Disposal Repairs!

-The Lansdale Pink Plumber


  1. 1/3 hp Badger 1 Garbage Disposal - 1 year parts and labor
  2. 1/2 hp Badger 5 Garbage Disposal - 3 year parts, 3 year labor
  3. 3/4 hp Evolution Garbage Disposal - 5 year parts, 5 year labor
  4. 1 hp Evolution Excel Garbage Disposal - 7 year parts and labor
  5. Disposal Repair/Unjamming - No Warranty

*With all disposals, registration with InSinkErator must occur from home owner for warranty to take effect.  If located in Lansdale, Hatfield or Harleysville, we take care of Warranty.  If outside of these areas, Insinkerator uses their own Plumbing technician.