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Why Make of Water Heaters Matter

So it comes the time when you decide you need a new Water Heater to be installed.  If you are fortunate enough, its age that is a concern and you decide to be proactive on your decision.  There are many times when we are not fortunate and the damage of a leaking Water Heater is significant and now you have a million things running through your mind.  Where exactly is it leaking from?  How am I going to clean this up?  What damage has it caused to our flooring, walls and furniture?  Will insurance cover the cost of repairs?  How much is this going to cost?  Who do I contact for replacement?  If you have ever been in this situation, you know exactly how it feels when this major investment decides to call it quits. As a Plumbing Company who has a family and a home, we understand your frustration and worries!

There are alot of customers who first and foremost look at pricing (as we do everyday in life to get good deals) and who has the best prices when we need to install a new Water Heater.  You may receive prices in the $700-$900 range and decide they are the best fit based solely on the price.  What you aren't being told is that 12 Year Warranty covered Whirlpool Water Heater that the "Plumbing Company" decides to install will most likely cause you issues within the first 2 years of owning it and the parts are extremely hard to locate, if at all.  While you may be the lucky one who has had a 18 year old water heater that has caused you no problems and you are just being proactive, we deal with Water Heaters on a daily basis that are covered under their warranties from these "Big Box Stores".  Here a couple scenarios we face that may help you on your decision:

  • Mr. Smiths  "Box Store" Water Heater was installed 3 years ago and he wakes up in the morning for work and his shower is ice cold.  Mr. Smith decides he needs to call out of work to resolve this issue.  He contacts "Mr. Plumber" who comes out and assesses the issue and determines it's a bad Gas Valve.  "Mr. Plumber" contacts the manufacture and is told the Gas Valve will be shipped out tomorrow and Mr. Smith will receive it within 3-5 business days.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rogers are planning for a Holiday party.  While they prepare the food, they notice the water goes from warm to cold.  They walk downstairs and see the Water Heater leaking and call "Mr. Plumber" out.  He comes out, it's Sunday at 7 PM and see's its a 5 year old "Box Store" brand.  Stores are closed until Tuesday due to the Holiday and they have no way of exchanging it until then.

These types of scenarios happen on a daily basis and are not very uncommon.  Had those scenarios happened with a Bradford White Water Heater, the outcomes would be very different.  With Bradford White, they are a local company with parts readily available and most times can be repaired or replaced the same day!  While you may pay a little more for a Bradford Water Heater Installation, you will have a full team behind you when the time arises.  We typically see Bradford Whites last 10-14 years with very little problems.  Home Advantage Plumbing Services offers a 6 year Parts & Labor warranty on every Bradford White we install.  Rest assured when making this huge investment decision that we have you covered, guaranteed!

75 Gallon Powervent Water Heater with Recirculating Pump and ST12 Expansion Tank

75 Gallon Powervent Water Heater with Recirculating Pump and ST12 Expansion Tank