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Water filtration in Montgomery and Bucks Counties is essential to ensuring clean, uncontaminated water for washing and drinking purposes. Everyone has seen different symptoms of unfiltered and hard water; from the white calcium deposits on your shower doors and faucets, to build up in your toilet jets.

Here at Home Advantage Plumbing Services, we understand quality of water.  Our technicians are trained in testing homes of hard, chemical filled systems.  Lets face it, your plumbing system is an expensive investment;  water heaters, faucets, sinks, toilets, drains and water lines all build up scale and mineral deposits when left untreated.  It can also be unhealthy for daily consumption!

What are the types of "bad" water?


Hard Water

White, scaly deposits that you commonly see around faucets, shower heads and on shower curtains/doors

Acidic Water

Greenish looking stains on copper piping or in a leaking bathtub.

Iron in water

Red stains or debris, most commonly found in toilet tanks on in sinks around strainers

What are some solutions to correcting these issues?

There are quite a few ways of going about a better and more purified water system.  If you are looking to a healthier way of consuming water, an under the counter Reverse Osmosis system is the most affordable way.  For softening water, we recommend a good quality water softener and whole house carbon filter to eliminate chlorine in domestic water systems.  There are other options of saltless systems which wont necessarily "Soften" your water, but it descales your system and provides a more pleasurable experience without the need of adding salt.

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If you would like more information on a cleaner, healthier and a better quality of life, click below to contact us for an estimate!  After all, its not only for your personal needs, its an investment in your home that will extend the life of your system.